Sustainable Livelihood- Small Enterprises development
Extremely vulnerable individuals (EVIs) face scarcity of assets related to their physical condition. Islamic Help Tanzania defines EVIs as widows, extremely poor living on less than a dollar day), persons with physical disability and HIV. Limited access to resources, stigma/abuse, negligence and discrimination are the common issues that they face. Due to lack of assets and skills, their exclusion and mobility problems, they are often unable to generate livelihoods for themselves and have to rely on family support.

In 2013, Islamic Help Tanzania established a Shariah-compliant micro credit service along Islamic concept of Qurz-e-hasna. The SACCOS project aims to provide microfinance services as a means of curbing entrepreneur challenges of savings, promoting small businesses and independence for those living in poverty.

IHT provides technical and financial support to EVIs (both men and women) to establish and manage small businesses (such as grocery shops, cafeterias, small hotels, agriculture loans etc.) that are sustainable and have lasting impact on their lives. These enterprises are relatively small, have informal structures, require least mobility and flexibility, low capital needs, modest educational requirements, low labour intensity, and depend on local raw materials.

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